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The Doge – Man On The Block

Born in Genoa and moved to Berlin in full lockdown by Coronavirus to be finished, Man On The Block is the record debut of The Doge, the artistic project in
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Raja Ampat: The Amazon of the Ocean

Once again I have the great pleasure of virtually traveling with Oliver Astrologo. Here is his latest video for which I proudly scored the original soundtrack. With its insanely clear
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Dominicana: The Land Beyond The Blue

It took me a while to get back to writing in my production diary but it was really intense months, where it was complicated to follow a precise direction. What
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Indie Vocals Library

After a long wait, this library sees the light it deserves. The first vocal library in whish I lent my voice to Rastsound to make it. Many of these takes
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Spaghetti Western Soundtrack: The Fall Of The Doge

Whether you grew up in the years of my generation or the new one, you couldn’t help but meet a western movie at least once. Summer is the right season
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Music For The Planet – Episode 9: Nothern Lights

The last step is approaching: next week the last track of Music For The Planet will be released and the entire album will be available on all digital platforms and
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