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Raja Ampat: The Amazon of the Ocean

Once again I have the great pleasure of virtually traveling with Oliver Astrologo. Here is his latest video for which I proudly scored the original soundtrack. With its insanely clear
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Dominicana: The Land Beyond The Blue

It took me a while to get back to writing in my production diary but it was really intense months, where it was complicated to follow a precise direction. What
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Indie Vocals Library

After a long wait, this library sees the light it deserves. The first vocal library in whish I lent my voice to Rastsound to make it. Many of these takes
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Spaghetti Western Soundtrack: The Fall Of The Doge

Whether you grew up in the years of my generation or the new one, you couldn’t help but meet a western movie at least once. Summer is the right season
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Music For The Planet – Episode 10: Surfing With Whales

The big day has come: Music For The Planet is out today, 22 April, Earth Day 2019. I don’t know who has listened to my music so far, who has
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Music For The Planet – Episode 9: Nothern Lights

The last step is approaching: next week the last track of Music For The Planet will be released and the entire album will be available on all digital platforms and
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