Italian-born music composer, Federico Coderoni works in Berlin also as music producer and sound engineer. 

Music is his preferred language to express chronicles with the world, and he pursues this cause with vigor, sharing his journey with those who feel inspired to join. He graduated from the esteemed Conservatory of Music, Santa Cecilia, with a degree in Electroacoustic Music Composition and is best known as the brains behind several music productionsreleased by Cosecomuni Recording Studio. He is also known widely for his works as the keyboardist for the award-winning Italian band, Velvet. He left Rome in 2016 and now operates for worldwide artists and companies. Lately, he earned the Advanced Diploma of Sound Engineering and Music Production at dBs Music Berlin Academy in 2018. 

His specialization in Virtual Orchestrations gave him easy access to the motion pictures world. Coderoni entered the world of film music in Rome during the long collaboration with Cosecomuni Recording Studio, through which he established a connection with famed director Matteo Rovere to score a song in Veloce come il vento (2016), starring Stefano Accorsi. After having moved to Berlin he got in touch with young and talented director Tancredi Di Paola from Los Angeles, who asked to score Mama (2018) and another film, 83rd Street (2018), with Tamar Pelzig. Finally, the song Next Up has been selected to be part of the soundtrack of the series El Club (2019) produced by Netflix.

Coderoni’s additional honors and awards include the Los Angeles CineFest, European Cinematography Awards and American Tracks Music Awards.